About Us

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  • To be a committed care-giving service provider
To provide quality care-giving services to the community as well as
  • To provide quality and affordable caregiver training to reduce the burden of families who requires a long term caregiver
  • To provide employment and professional development to the needy disadvantaged group
  • To train volunteers in care-giving skills to serve the community
  • Care
    We care for each other, listen to understand, and seek to enrich the lives of those we work with
  • Affordable
    We provide affordable care giving service for the society
  • Respect
    We respect all people as individuals
  • Integrity
    We never compromise on integrity. To be honest, sincere and reliable is the way to earn trust and build long-term relationships
  • Nation
    We serve Singapore and our people, believing that we can contribute to the society by providing affordable care giving service and to provide a second chance to the disadvantage group
  • Giving
    We believe that it is better to give than to receive