Company Profile

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  • One of the social enterprises since 2011
  • Our service is to provide different types of quality & professional caregiving/healthcare services to different families and our community
Our Beneficiaries
  • Senior Citizens
  • Disabilities
  • Caregivers of the elderly & disability
  • The needy disadvantage groups
Training, Seminar & Workshop
  • Caregivers Training Programme
    (All caregiving skills training programs are eligible for Caregiver Training Course Rebate, CTCR, 50% less of course fee or maximum up to S$500 in each calendar year)
    • Certificate in Caregiving of the Elderly & Disability
      (Plus CPR + AED Training Program Accredited by National Resuscitation Council)
    • Basic Caregiving Training at Home Environment
    • Home Based Caregiving Training Program
  • Emergency Care (First Aid) Training Program
    • Standard First Aid
    • First Aid for the Elderly
    • First Aid Training for infant/Child Care Personnel
    • Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)
    • CPR + Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
  • Seminar & Workshop
    • Caregiving Awareness Talk
    • Stress Management
    • Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Around Us
    • Accidents & Emergencies Responding Techniques
Homecare Services
  • Counseling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Homecare (Nursing) Services
  • Homecare (Non-medical) Services
Voluntary Welfare Program
  • Targeted Beneficiaries
    • The needy & stay alone elderly
    • Disabilities' group
  • Volunteer Caregiver Training
    • Training methodology includes classroom training & clinical attachment
  • Volunteer Homecare Services
    • Short Term Homecare (Nursing) Services
    • Short Term Homecare (Non-medical) Services