First Aid for the Elderly

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Emergency Care (First Aid) Training Program
First Aid for the Elderly – 8 hours
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  • This First Aid for the Elderly course is designed specially to enable caregivers of the elderly to respond promptly and effectively if someone they are caring for is injured or taken ill.
  • Our first aid trainers all have experienced in accident and emergency situations in addition to their skills as first aid instructors.  By including real life situations as part of our training we can enhance the learning experience and make our courses much more relevant and interesting.
  • If you are not sure which first aid course you need or would like help assessing your needs, please call (6258 2801) or email us ( with your enquiry 
Course Content
  • Part I
    • Responding appropriately to a first aid emergency
    • Understanding how ageing impacts on the elderly
    • Recognizing the symptoms of some common disease for the elderly
  • Part II
    • Common incidents for the elderly
    • Common causes of unconscious
    • Management of unconscious casualty
    • Basic Life Saving Techniques
    • Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) Management – Heimlich Maneuver
    • Cardio Arrest Management – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Part III
    • Basic Understanding of Medication Management
    • First Aid Kit contents
Duration: 8 Hours
  • 6 Hours (Theory/Practical ) + 2 Hours (Assessment)

Attendance requirement for assessment

  • 100% course attendance is required to sit for the assessment

Completion Certificate

  • Certificate of Achievement of First Aid for the Elderly will be awarded to those who are completion of the training and achieve the assessment requirement

Course Venue

  • Singapore Caregiving Academy
    - 705 Serangoon Road (Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital Training Room) Singapore 328127

Course Fee

  • S$120 per participant

Application & Payment

Course Application Procedure

  • Step 1: Complete the Course Registration Form  with related documents and submit to us
  • Step 2: Attach the listed and required documents to submit together
    • - Trainee’s (Singaporean or PR) NRIC Copy (Front & Back)
    • - A copy of Trainee’s (Domestic Helper) Work Permit (Front & Back)
  • Step 3: Submission Method
    • - By email:
    • - By Fax: (65) 6259 3958
    • - By Post:
    •    Singapore Caregiving Academy
    •    (c/o Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital)
    •    705 Serangoon Road
    •    Singapore 328127
  • Note: If choose to submit by email / fax, the original copy of Course Registration Form must be submitted on the first day of training.


  • Method 1: By Cash
  • Method 2: Attach the listed and required documents to submit together
    • - Write down the Name of Course / Course Date / Name of Trainee on behind of the cheque
    • - Make the cheque payable to: Singapore Caregiver Training & Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
    • - Mail address:
    •    Singapore Caregiving Academy
    •    (c/o Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital)
         705 Serangoon Road
    •    Singapore 328127
  • (Note: at least 12 working days before the course commences to settle the payment)